Silvermans - The last of the local discount store.
Since 1946, Silverman’s always focused on serving the local community. Silverman's was known for having everything local customers needed at the lowest possible prices, including many items that couldn’t be found anywhere else.

Sadly in 2015, after serious consideration, the last of the Silverman'€™s stores has closed.

Silverman’s began as Surplus Value Center, a single store at 46th and St. Clair. In 1955, it moved, and adopted the name Surplus City, then in 1969., the name was changed to Silverman’s to reflect it's full line of discount merchandise.

It all started just after WWII, when Marcus Silverman enlisted the help of his brothers, Dave, Irv and Sid, and began selling government surplus goods. Customers came from all over the city for everyday items (which, back then, were often hard to find) like underwear, socks, shirts, and rain wear, as well as specialty items, like telescopes, binoculars and tools.

As government surplus goods diminished and consumer products became more widely available, more family joined the business (Sanford, Maury, Charlotte, Evelyn, Selma, Ralph, Lenny and Josh). The Silverman family went all over to purchase items their customers wanted. As times changed, they added more household goods, fashion clothing, school uniforms and 1,000's of other items to their selection of products.

Through the hard work of the company'€™s excellent staff and the loyalty of its customers, Silverman's eventually expanded to 8 stores. The staff was proud of the fact that they out lived many of the big chains they once competed against, like Ames, Cooks, Gaylords, Gold Circle, Hills, Uncle Bills, Zayres, and others.

It is bitter sweet that Silverman'€™s is closing after all these years, but Alan Silverman has been working at Silverman's all his adult life, and has decided to take it easier. In closing Alan thanked all of Silverman's customers and associates for their support and friendship over the years. He said, " I plan to continue to be a major supporter of Uniforms For Kids, because I believe every child deserves to go to school dressed to succeed. I am looking forward to spending more time on Uniforms For Kids in the future and enjoying my retirement."

Marcus Silverman

Alan Silverman

Jamie Stadlin